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Why Virgo Offline?
  • You will be able to enjoy a simple and easy-to-use interface; you won’t be wasting your investment on complicated program, which needs a lot of time and effort to comprehend and use.

  • You can use the program for whatever steps you want support with; it’s the flexible. The program doesn’t force you to use it in respect of all the visa extraction steps.

  • It can link up with several computers at the same time, which in turn will create more harmony with and between teams, as well as help with finishing the required tasks for extracting visas.

  • You can input data via passport scanners, which decreases the potential for errors and speeds up the input process.

  • You can input many sets simultaneously because the program has significant capacity, which will save you a lot of time.

  • It’s an alternative to the four Makha’as (Bab EL a’omra, Taree’ el a’omra, Tawaf, Qobool ya Haj gama). It’s one system, which can complete the necessary tasks in an efficient way. Other programs or systems are not required.

  • The program can deliver the required data from any other party, such as a governmental entity, or deal with any special requirements at the order stage.

  • Your data will be archived and saved on the program, so that you can return to them easily at any time. You won’t waste any time or effort in recovering any important information.

  • Your data will be saved and protected with a password.

  • Continuous updates to the program will be issued in response to any new requirements from government entities.

  • You have the flexibility to only select the updates you need.

  • You won’t need to stop work to get technical support or solve a problem. We already have a technical support team on hand, who can provide you with all the help and advice you may need throughout the day.