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Virgo Offline makes it easier

The problem simply is that the travel agencies specialized in extracting Hajj and Umrah visas spend time – actually a lot of time – in a cumbersome process starting with getting the pilgrims data and entering the photos, then send them to the pilgrims service centers (UASP), which by turn send them to the Ministry of Hajj, you will have to wait for the mofa numbers, and at this point you must be ready with the photos, These photos will be uploaded to be linked to the sent reference from the Ministry of Hajj, Here the company begins to extract the mofa and the report to be sent to the consulate to get the approval and the visa.

Isn’t it a cumbersome process? Doesn’t also the time mean money for you? And the effort too? Is there any possibility to reduce the time spent in this long, complicated, boring, and full of mistakes process? The answer is Yes. A leading software in this field, with more than 12 years experience in Saudi Visas and 16 years in software development, will help you in this as it will give you another scenario saves you all this time and effort.

  1. Import all photos according to the ministry of foreign affairs without any needed modifications, as Virgo Offline will adjust these photos according to the MOFA website requirements.

  2. Send all the data to the external agent through the UASP without any mistakes.

  3. Upload photos to visa.mofa.gov.sa and get the E number automatically.

  4. Get visas numbers, and their data, and send them to UASP without any mistakes.

  5. Print all the data reports and job-related documents.

You can notice the great effect of using Virgo Offline software with the increase of work pressure and the number of visas you need to extract, then you will notice how Virgo Offline can shorten long time, and make only one employee able to do 25,000 visas per year easily and without mistakes!