Virgo for Hajj and Umrah Travel Agents

Save 70% from time spent to issue Visas to feed your passport details, scan photos, crop them, upload them to mofa website and print all reports for Embassy.

Virgo Offline : Unified Offline compatible with all UASPs offline (Bab Al Umrah - Way to Umrah - Gama - Tawaf) integrated with passport reader and EHaj site.safa
Virgo Scan : Special software to scan and crop photos with very easy way and save the time spent in scanning, and save photos with passport numbers.
Virgo Visas : Import groups and mofa from Saudi Agent and review the photos before upload, and upload them automaticlly to visa mofa website and store E-numbers and print all reports required from Embassy and labels and ID cards for Pilgrims.

The complete and top solution for hajj and umrah providing services for over than 500 clients in 16 countries.